Commercial Debt Collection


Final Demand Letters

Here's a great tool that any business can use when supplying credit to customers especially when you need to collect your outstanding accounts. Over the last 22 years in business hundreds of our clients continue to use our Final Demand letters to collect their delinquent accounts. They are available from our office in books of ten (10) letters. These letters are kept in your office and you use them as required.

How would you use them ? When you have customers over 60 days and you have attempted to call them and/or you have been given broken promises repeately and havent received any money. These letters will produce amazing results and in addition will confirm if you have a delinquent or bad debtor to deal with.  

The best news is you pay NO COMMISSION if the debt is collected within seven (7) days of the issue date of the letter.

Our clients enjoy the experience of using these letters when required. They have complete control of the letters and their customers. More importantly you will have the third party effect and you pay No Commission. All you pay is the cost of the letters. It cant get better than this!

Having the back up support in case your customer doesnt pay you via the final demand letters is crutial. Our company will take over the account and continue the debt collection process on your behalf.

You need to try these letters and see for the results yourself  .. You wont believe how fast they work!!