Commercial Debt Collection


Commercial Debt Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin to use your services?

Contact our office on 02 9790 6877 and speak to our Managing Director, Sonia Ferlauto or our Sales team. We will recommend what the best debt collection strategy is for your business.  

How do I know what services I need?

Our initial consultation will explore what services would best suit your needs. Different clients have different needs.

What information do I provide your firm with?

ACS requires certain information on your customer(s) and where possible, you can supply the following; Written agreements, Director's Guarantee, copy of dishonour cheques, copy of statements. If in doubt contact our collection experts and they will clarify your query immediately.

What happens if my customer has left the address?

You will need to supply ACS with the last known address and contact details. ACS will need to locate the customer on a find fee basis only. Meaning, you will be charged only if we locate your customer on an agreed fee. Collections will commence on location of customer.

What happens if the debt isn't collected?

Our office will determine when the debt is uncollectable .You will be advised and the file will be closed and No Commission is applied.

What are your fees and who pays for them?

Our commission charges are payable by you being our client. If you have a signed written agreement from your customer which states they have agreed to pay these fees, ACS will recover these fees. Legal action fees are mostly recoverable however they are charged to you first and all recoverable costs are collected from the customer plus interest if the debt is over $1,000. If any other fees are payable this would be agreed with you prior to charging.

How effective is your debt collection service?

ACS works with a variety of industries and our collections results are currently measured at approx. over 72% success rate across the board.

When is the best time to give a collection agency debt(s) to collect?

Generally if your customers exceeds your credit terms and you have contacted them more than 3 times or if you have customer(s) over 90 days plus and have had no response or payment. If your customer(s) are refusing to pay your account and they have exceed your credit terms - Act immediately. Over 30 years in the debt collection industry experience has taught us "The faster the account is handed to a collection agency ... the better the result"!