About Our Team


The Accelerated Collection Services Story

coco3.jpgSonia Ferlauto the founder and director of Accelerated Collection Services Pty Ltd started her business with $1,000 and with heaps of passion and determination from the spare room of her family home. Together with her family black cat ‘Coco' who is the strong image of her company are constantly reminding the community of who they are.

Sonia created her business with the idea of making a difference in the debt collection industry. A male dominated industry that is known for being overweight and harassing bullies - her empire has been built into a young progressive company who is happy to take a ‘female approach' to debt collection.

Sonia found that being a woman worked very well and endeavoured to hire female consultants wherever possible. With over thirty (30) years of experience in debt collection, a multiple award winning business, her reputation and credibility is rising fast and attracting a variety of opportunities. Her exposure has gone through print media and television, writing articles for business magazines, authors writing about her business and presenting workshops. Sonia has been a Mentor for Women in Business in addition to holding a position for three years as New South Wales President for the Institute of Mercantile Agents Ltd.

Over the years Accelerated Collections have helped thousands of businesses in collecting their outstanding accounts, bringing cash flow and peace of mind back into our client's life. We have collected millions of dollars over the years and have also helped thousands of debtors along the way. More importantly, we look at turning a negative situation into a positive one!

Sonia Ferlauto holds her master license as a Commercial & Private Inquiry Agent for Debt Collection, Process Serving and Investigation of Persons. She is a Justice of the Peace and her collection team hold Operator Licenses.

Accelerated Collection Services provides the ultimate complete debt collection package to any businesses. Every client no matter how small or large experiences a 24-hour turnaround time in collections. Today, we remain the only award winning female team of debt collection agency in Australia.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to make a positive financial difference with every contact made.

Our commitment TO YOU is to do everything possible in collecting your accounts
And make a difference to your CASH FLOW.